Sweet Sunshine Yellow

Everyone loves the brightness of summer, but not everyone appreciates the heat that comes along with it. Bring the sunshine into your home with pops of yellow and you can bask in the cheery goodness of summer at the comfort of your own home.

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Sunshine in the kitchen


Anyone would be glad to dish out a meal from this pastel yellow kitchen. With an island in the shade of stratton blue, it serves as not only as a function-able space, but one of envy to any homemaker. Fixing complementing yellow suspended light does well to round up the concept.

Focal point with striking yellow


If one loves the bright colours, why not opt for a seating in the shade of the sun? In living areas, the sofa is often the center of attention. Having one in yellow will certainly bring across the point that you enjoy having fun in the sun very seriously.

Incorporating a wall of yellow


When you have a muted space, what better to spice things up than to have a wall paint in a brilliant shade of yellow. It not only draws attention to the said area, but also lengthens and adds depth to the space.

Bright nursery for the little one


The nursery is a place where the little one spends quite a bit of time in. Having it painted pastel yellow, will stimulate the child with feelings of happiness. Introducing elements of pastel pink and white can be a calming addition, preventing the room from turning overly yellow.

Yellow motifs for the detailed


Introducing sunshine into your space does not necessarily mean to have entire walls painted yellow or have large furnishings in this optimistic shade. For a more subtle approach, you can add curtains with yellow floral wallpapering for a touch of the outdoors. Alternatives can include yellow flower arrangements or even cushioning for your seats.

Brighten up your relax area


If you can only stomach just a little yellow, tiny yellow fringed curtains are great to dress up any window seating area for the summer. This is the perfect place to curl up in this cosy nook and read a classic without the glare of the midday sun.