Colors for the Veranda

The veranda is a much welcomed space, especially for those with no backyard. Usually a nook in the house where you can settle down to read a good book amongst the vivid, lively flowers. Investing time and effort into these blooming plants can be worthwhile.

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Bring the sunshine into your space

This veranda has one mission, this is to brighten up any horrible mood you may be in. Furnishings in literally sunshine yellow, it is difficult to feel down in this space.

Welcome the English rose

It is all things English with this veranda. White metal seating are soften with colourful pillow for comfort. Pots of well attended florals are placed all around for that ultimate garden feel.

Taking on the wild side

If you want to have a whole new take on your veranda, but don't know how, injecting some wildlife will do the trick. Not in the most literal sense, but a faux fur throw on the seating is just about enough.

Foster a laid back feel

If you're looking for casual, easy going veranda style, start off with push seating on the floor. Overhanging plants can boost a cool environment for aimless chatter.

Wicker chairs for some conversation

Settle down into these wicker chairs. At the veranda filled with various potted plants and flowers, you can share the most intimate secrets or even that gossip that intrigued many.