Crossing the Narrow Entryway

The entry way makes the first impression of what the entire home looks like, as such, most would want it to be as grand and spacious. However, not all homes are blessed with a large entry way. That said, it doesn't mean that narrow or small entryway don't pack a punch.

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Mirror mirror on the wall

A simple mirror is all this entryway needs. Sometimes you do not need to have excessive furniture or decor to pull off a look. A single statement piece is enough to hold its ground.

A wall is just enough

Some homes do not have much space for an entryway. But one does not realize that dedicating a wall is enough to hangup those everyday essentials before heading out.

The option of shelves

Shelving is especially good for entryways, for most reasons that involve the key. It offers a spot for your favorite flowers or even an oversized painting.

Simplicity with intricacies

With motif wallpapering, it is important to keep things simple with the entryway. As patterns give an impression of a smaller space, simple furnishing attempts to balance out the overall feel of the space.

Larger than life

Small entryways can appear to be large through the use of an oversized mirror. It extends the overall space and provides a fresh perspective on what used to be a narrow space.