Experience the Magic of Mirrors

Mirrors have this mysterious quality about them. Its natural function of reflecting surfaces serve to create an illusion of a larger space, at the same time, it gives an impression of airiness. It's almost like stepping into another portal.

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Panels for a convincing illusion


To create dimension in a space can be done with the right design tactic. Build panelling against a wall of mirror to pull off an effortless look as though you have another living space beyond the wall.

Introduce fluidity


The observant will find this mirror in the common area fascinating. Despite its solid appearance, it opens up with the fluidity of a paper fan. A wondrous addition to a simple contemporary space.

Go big for a dramatic effect


Hanging an oversized mirror opens up a small living space. At the same time, this simple inclusion adds a much needed focal point in the space.

Elaborate detailing for a focal point


Ornate framing changes the look of a mirror instantly. Especially when painted in luxurious metallics like gold or silver, the space takes a turn for the grandeur.

Reflective doors for a classy touch


Mirrors play especially well with white and beiges as it opens up the space. This airiness is a much welcomed ambience for a restful bath area.