Seeking Window Treatments

Window treatments are to windows, like how mascara is to eyelashes or fresh paint is to a new ride. Very often, the style direction of the space can be emphasised by the seemingly trivial window décor. Let's look at the run down on blinds, shutters and draperies.

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At the Cafe

The cafe window treatment features a 'half curtain' that either blocks off the top or bottom half of the window. Whether used for a little privacy or to shade from the sun's rays, this window treatment is meant to bring about a homely and casual feeling.

Matching the slats

The matchstick or slat blinds are common to spaces with a tropical concept. For a chic yet laid back look, incorporate these wooden window treatments into a contemporary space.

Shutters away

Allow gentle rays in with louvered shutters. These window treatments though are functionally meant for privacy purposes, are great at creating a statement in the space. Going for dark shutters adds weight to the space, while choosing light brown or white to bring softness to the space.

Sheer drapery

For spaces going for the neutral scheme, sheer curtains brings a sense of wonderment to the design. The versatile drapery has the ability to soften and opens up design concepts of various nature.

More is more

Some prefer more privacy than others, try layering your curtains. The sheer curtain natural into the space, while the heavier fabric allows for privacy when it's needed. This style also adds depth to the overall design of the space.