Recreating a Viva la Chic Dining in a Small Space

Pulling off the sophisticated for the dining area takes more than just choosing the right furnishing, it's about creating the right ambience. For that to happen, one has to be sensitive to how each design element interact with each other in the said space.

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Sleek Industrial

Northwest Interior Design

Sleek is hardly used to describe the industrial design. But that should not restrict one from pushing the boundaries. Opt for industrial style lighting while matching it with mirrors and high gloss surfaces for a modern take.

Modern Contemporary Finesse

Dream Vision Designer

Monochrome modern designs are often deemed overly serious and without what people call 'fun'. Inject a quirky, yet refined touch by introducing mirrors and metallics to the dining space. For a focal point, why not incorporate white overlapping frames on the wall.

Bold simplicity

Wu Kens Concept

Simple does not mean that a space is any less chic. The secret to creating a uncomplicated design is in making sure that there are only functional pieces in the space. Opt of furnishing with clean lines. For decor, one can experiment with color.

Contemporary Far East

Vegas Interior Design

Full on oriental designs can be overwhelming. But one can still enjoy the flair from the Far East with some Modern infusion. For this design to work, opt for furnishing popular in oriental designs, such as marble. To put it down a notch, include materials such as leather seating to break away from the conventional look.

Refined Eclectic Style

TKF Project

Having a taste for the unique style does not mean that the home design has to look like a mess of curios. Incorporate interesting design elements such as a zigzag flooring to simple chrome dining for the most customise space.