Stacking Your Decor

There are a thousand and one ways of decorating a space. It is not limited to just placing the décor pieces side by side. For a more multi dimensional decor, try stacking your pieces.

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Travelling Cases

Travelling cases were once the go-to travel essential until the modern luggage render them less convenient and impractical. Stack these cases to form a surface, or just simply a reminder of a wanderlust spirit. They can also double up as storage.

Just books

These are unlikely, yet possibly within reach, books can be used as a form of décor. When stacking books, opt for hard cover books. For the meticulous, you may stack according to book themes or colour.

Stacking frames

Who says that stacking has to be limited to being on a surface? Bring the stacking to the walls with frames. Varying the frame sizes and colour can offer dimension to the space.

Boxes and books

Some boxes are beautifully made and designed for good reason; they are not meant to be thrown away. Stack these boxes alongside with books for a shabby chic décor. It's a good idea for storage.

Piling up the dishes

Display all your beautiful kitchenware on your shelving. Stack them up with various coloured dishes and appliances for a wholesome kitchen.