Creating Clean Cut Kitchens

Sleek spells sophistication in this urban jungle. To accommodate the space restraints, the best way is to keep to the minimalist way of thinking. Take inspiration from these clean cut kitchen for the most fresh functional space.

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Wide Contemporary

If you have the luxury of space, a contemporary concept kitchen based on the minimalist concept expands the entire space. The cleanness of work surfaces further enhances the idea of an airy space.

Urban Chic Lines

In small spaces, every inch counts. That is why, it is important to use every space available. To maximise the floor area, contrasting colours can give an impression of depth.

White out

Whites are often used to create an illusion of an open space. Single coloured spaces have a strange way of creating an impression of depth. Despite its one tone, it can be accentuated with contrasting colours such as greys and blacks.

Focal Counters

A pop of colour helps to draw the attention away from the size of the space. This can be done by selecting contrasting colours to features of the kitchen for an added effect.

Highlighting Cabinets

Clean lines can be easily achieved when one is clear with their colour schemes and choice of cabinets. As the kitchen storage makes the majority of the space, the way it look directs the design of the space. Opting for simple materials such as wood or matte finish surfaces gives an impression of an effortlessly sleek space.