Appreciating Minimalistic Baths

'Less is more', an idea best defined by the minimalist concept. Sometimes, a bath space is one that does not require extravagant lighting and décor. Instead, a simple space is all one needs to enjoy moment of respite.

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Suspended Warmth

Suspended bath facilities redefine the future of bathroom designs. This simple boost to the conventional bath injects a sense of uncomplicated airiness to the space.

Monochromatic System

White, grey and black are colours that add dimension to spaces when melded together. There is no perception of negativity, only a space for comfort.

Stone Baths

Stones materials are common in interior design. When used as a basis for a bath, it makes for a strong look. Simplistic in outlook, it provides a homely vibe that is not easily replicated.

Transiting between time

Like stepping more than 30 years prior, this bath encapsulates the life of easier times. One can appreciate the clean cut wooden counters and geometrics tiling despite its simplistic style.

Wooden Sanctuary

Wood is a material the evokes a sense of sophistication and calm. A wooden slat designed gives a perception of an enlarged space. It is a welcoming luxury.