Making it Mid Century

It is not surprising that the mid century concept is often confused by the psychedelic interiors of the 70s' Retro concept. Mid century concepts is one that focusses on establishing clean lines and celebrating the union between delicate colours.

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Airy spaces

Individuals looking for an airy space injected with sparse, yet unique furnishing or décor should consider the mid century concept. When decorating, ensure plenty of walking space.

Brighten the space

Mid century spaces focusses the 'less is more' concept. When decorating such spaces, it is good to decide on a single focal point.

Use some wood

The best way to achieve the mid century décor is through the use of wood furnishings. These furniture tend to be well polished and focussed on the beauty of simplicity.

Splash of colour

Mid century interiors are not just limited to white and beige colour schemes. Opting for mustards, dusty blue and moss green are alternatives for individuals that prefers an space that leaves an impression.