Brightening up with Floral Patterns

In the height of summer, what better way to celebrate the sun than to introduce bright floral patterns into your space? Bold and has the ability to stand on its own, floral prints are known to brighten up spaces without having the worry it being dated.

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Spruce up neutral spaces

If you have a space that is set in neutral tones, a wallpapering or tiling of a small area can instantly brighten up the space. Floral prints provide a sense of homeliness, reminiscent of the stress-free countryside.

Attention to the floor

When adding a home accessory, rugs are ideal to create a feeling of warmth and comfort. Considering a floral print carpet or rug brings another dimension to the space.

Hand painted Furnishing

When it comes to intricacy, hand painted furnishing not only gives a personal touch to the space, it is a testament to the artist's work. Floral designs are common and are often painted to soften the rough edges of the furniture.

Put it in scale

Nothing speaks louder than size. Having a mural of lush flora painted across your wall suggest a penchant for the delicate outdoors.