Latest Color Trends

Color forecasters have already predicted what color your bathing suit will be for the year, while you're still deciding where to spend next year's summer vacation. Various color Forecasters have analysed social aspects, modern day trends, the motor industry and magazines to depict which colors are currently trending.

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Greek Blue

A rich and fabulous blue found mostly in the Mediterranean, is making its way into the trend list.

Neutral Color Palette

A neutral color palette seems to be a very popular choice as people are moving toward a serene and quiet space to relax which is achieved through a monochromatic neutral color scheme.

Bold Color Mixing

Try mixing your colors like pinks. purples, ad vivid greens with aqua and turquoise. The color combination will make your room pop.

Guilford Green

A "neutral" that's natural. Try this Guilford / Olive green color especially in older homes to get the bt out of it.