5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Design

With the global focus shifting to preserving energy, we have sourced 5 useful tips for you to use in your interior spaces to conserve the planet's precious resources.

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Maximize efficient use of Space


Efficiently used interior spaces can keep the size of a room, and, therefore, the use of construction materials and other resources—to a minimum which saves plenty of energy.

Non-Toxic and Non-Polluting Products


When planning your renovation, consider installing non-toxic natural products such as wood.

Natural and Energy Efficient Lighting Sources


Design your new home to provide natural sources of light like skylights and windows placed in strategic places. Also, consider replacing your high wattage bulbs with energy efficient ones.

Use Refurbished or Recycled Materials


Furniture and decorative items can be re-purposed, refinished or otherwise refurbished to give them new life. This saves energy in producing new products.

Energy-wise construction and Design Materials


Work with windows and doors that maximize energy efficiency, wood flooring that comes from rapidly renewable sources like bamboo.