Steps to creating an art gallery wall in your living room

A reason to love an art gallery wall in your living room is because of its unique-to-you feature. It is a personalized wall that treasures memories and showcase them.

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Get an idea of the type of wall art you desire

The first step is to source a specific style of wall frames and images or photos that would compliment your living room and that you wish to display.

Find the frames

Next is to find the frames for your artwork. They don't need to be matching, instead, it depends on the images and the desired end result that you are after.

Do the layout

Now that you have your frames and images, focus on preparing the layout that you desire. Measure your wall space so that you can space out your artwork properly.

Hanging your artwork

Now that all the preparations are done, you can hang your gallery. A tip to take note of is to hang them at eye level to make it easy for everyone to enjoy.