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Maintaining simplicity with all white Interiors

If you desire a simple, calm and elegantly modern space, then consider developing an all white interior space. You will be surprised by the rather soft than sh Read More

Creative Bookshelf Partitions

If you have a big open space in your lounge or living room and wish to add a partition to separate two spaces, consider adding a bookshelf as a partition. Here Read More

Create creative possibilities with curved doors

Curved or rounded cupboard and cabinet doors are increasingly popular. Not just because they showcase a contemporary finish, but also because of its unique opti Read More

Concrete interior design ideas

A growing trend is using raw concrete as an interior finish. This trend features a soft and cool ambiance that can be enjoyed in warmer climates. Here are som Read More

Sound Matters

Architects and designers should consider the sound of interior finishes and the overall ambiance that certain sounds would make in an area before implementing t Read More

Bring the outdoors in

Going green is a global initiative to become more environmentally friendly. Going green is nowadays not just an initiative to save the planet, but also becoming Read More

Creating home fire pits

Fire pits have been in existence since the beginning of man's existence. Fire pits creates a warm atmosphere for cozy conversations and casual gatherings. Read More

Hottest Home trends for 2016

This year there are some new additions to trends for the home. New and exciting styles and some old trends making its way back to the present. Read More

The Return to Rattan trend

We welcome back rattan to the interior trend list. Now you can bring out your old rattan furniture set, and create something new to achieve contemporary brilli Read More

Stairs as art

Let your staircase stand out as an art piece with these design ideas that you can incorporate in die pre-building phase. Depending on your design style, you can Read More