37 Ideas Found

Art Deco Style for Modern Interior Spaces

Do you love your old antique furniture and bold colors? Combining these with a few other elements would create the perfect balance for an Art Deco Style applied Read More

Decorating with Plants

Do you need a little green in your area without paying a fortune to get a professional designer in? Now you can decorate using plants and these simple DIY ideas Read More

Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper

Wallpaper is the most on-trend way to transform your decor, from a statement wall to an entire room, there is no better way to restyle your interior this season Read More

5 Creative Wall Designs

Walls set the boundaries of a room space. While white walls are often reign as a default look for a room, 2015 calls for an outpouring of creativity. Here are 5 Read More

Brightening up with Floral Patterns

In the height of summer, what better way to celebrate the sun than to introduce bright floral patterns into your space? Bold and has the ability to stand on its Read More

Runner's High

Speaking about décor, table and floor runners are often the least of one's mind. Just like carpets and rugs, runners provide more than just a décor to th Read More

5 Looks for a Seating Area

Seating areas come in many forms and many ways. The recent interior trend is to incorporate the use of pictures and frames. Take a look at how this arrangement Read More

Tucked Away in the Corner

Most homes do not have the luxury of space and the best way to go about this? Fix up the dining area at a corner. While most corners in the homes go unused, pla Read More

Nooks and Crevices

Finding room to accommodate your lifestyle can be challenging in a small space. One has to be conscientious when planning the décor and functionality of the sp Read More

Painted Steps

The stairs are rarely given much attention to, except for hanging some ornaments during festive seasons. Doing any other decorating to the stairs seems like a d Read More