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Black and Wood

Synonymous with sophistication, black has been used extensively in spaces to create a sense of urban refinement. When black meets a warm element such as wood, o Read More

Making it Mid Century

It is not surprising that the mid century concept is often confused by the psychedelic interiors of the 70s' Retro concept. Mid century concepts is one tha Read More

Creating Luxurious Spaces: Marble

When one speaks of luxurious interior décor, marble is definitely on the list. This precious rock has seen its way into lavish palaces and home. Whether in sla Read More

Balancing a Dark Themed Dining

Strong and sophisticated are words that describe dark coloured spaces. Most may feel that it can be overly intense for communal spaces, however, with a careful Read More

Achieving a Restaurant Dining Concept

While it seems that there is only how much one can design a dining area, one should not be restricted by possibilities. Recreating your home dining into one tha Read More

Bar Top Dining

Bar top counters are gaining popularity for its space saving, yet chic aesthetics. Often as built into the kitchen counters, it offers a space that is multi fun Read More

Themed Dining Concepts

For function based spaces like the dining area, there are more to interior design than just placing a table and chair. Creating a theme for the space and having Read More

Recreating a Viva la Chic Dining in a Small Space

Pulling off the sophisticated for the dining area takes more than just choosing the right furnishing, it's about creating the right ambience. For that to h Read More

Dining in Luxury

It is not often that you would get to dine in a Michelin worthy restaurant. Throw all that envy away and have your very own luxurious dining room. Hold a dinner Read More

Tucked Away in the Corner

Most homes do not have the luxury of space and the best way to go about this? Fix up the dining area at a corner. While most corners in the homes go unused, pla Read More