854 Bath & Toilet Design Ideas
Browse bathroom and toilet portfolios from top renovation contractors and interior designers in Singapore for ideas on designing your bathroom layout.

Easily the smallest room in your house, essential fixtures have to take priority when planning your bathroom renovation
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Before renovation, there are several things that you need to consider. Here are some helpful bathroom renovation tips:

Quality floor tiles -  Low maintenance & Long lasting

When shopping for your bathroom floor tiles, do some research beforehand on the different types of floor tiles available, as well as their pros and cons.

Touch & feel the texture of the tiles (with your feet if possible), and opt for tiles that are not slippery when wet.

Lighting & Ventilation  -  Make your bathroom look bigger

Introduce a mixture of natural and artificial lightings to make your bathroom appear more spacious. This is especially important for HDB bathrooms as the bathroom and window size cannot be changed.

Avoid bacteria & mold growth due to humidity by ensuring sufficient ventilation so that your bathroom remains fresh and odor free.

Toilet Accessories  -  When to get them?

Before the completion of your toilet, do not rush to get toilet accessories such as towel racks, storage shelves.

Place priority on toilet essentials such as toilet basin, toilet bowl and shower stand. This way, you will be able to plan your bathroom space more effectively after renovation.
Compare Quotations -   Get the best deal for your bathroom renovation

Submit your requirements, & Get Multiple Quotations rom different bathroom renovation contractors and interior designers to compare before settling on the best deal for your renovation.
For a better deal, look for bathroom renovation packages if you are looking to renovate your entire bathroom.