1881 Bedroom Design Ideas
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The bedroom is definitely one of the most important room in a home as it is where we rest and re-energise ourselves for the next day. Therefore, a cosy and comfortable design is key when renovating your bedrooms
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Before renovation, there are several things that you need to consider. Here are some helpful bedroom renovation tips:

Plan & visualize your bedroom layout -  What goes where?

Before you buy a new furniture or decide to get a built-in wardrobe, be sure to measure your bedroom space carefully and visualise how the furniture will look in your bedroom.

Leave enough walking space and make sure that your cupboards and drawers have enough space to open. You do not want to have a cramped and cluttered bedroom design that hinders your flow of activity.

Wardrobe  -  To build, to buy or to walk in?

When deciding on a bedroom wardrobe, it is important to look at the layout of your bedroom.

Bedroom Wardrobe Types:
  • 1) Built-in Wardrobes
    • Great for bedrooms with irregular layout to make full use of bedroom space.
    • Custom built-in wardrobe can also be designed to hide unsightly air-conditioning trunkings from view.
    • Disadvantage: fixed furniture that might be costly to replace in the future.
  • 2) Off the shelf Wardrobes
    • More affordable wardrobe solution compared to built-in and walk-in wardrobes.
    • Can be replaced easily as and when you want a change of design.
    • Disadvantage: Dimensions and designs are limited to what is on the market.
  • 3) Walk-in Wardrobes
    • A full view of all your clothings and accessories without the hassle of doors.
    • Disadvantage: Prone to dust and requires huge amount of space.

- Lighting & Ambience  -  Cosy & Relaxing

Use soft lightings in the bedroom to create a cosy ambience for quality sleep.

It is also a good idea to install a two-way switch near your bed so you will not have to get off the bed every time you want to turn on or off the lights.
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