2050 Living Design Ideas
Browse living room portfolios from top renovation contractors and interior designers in Singapore for ideas on designing your living room layout.

When planning the layout of your living room, do remember that it should be spacious with good air ventilation, and plenty of natural light. A cluttered living room makes the room seem smaller and uninviting.
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Before renovation, there are several things that you need to consider. Here are some helpful living room renovation tips:


The colors you choose for your home reflects on your personality and overall ambience of the space. Typically, warm colors such as brown, yellows and reds makes the room cozier, while cool colors like blue, greens and light purple helps to make a room appear bigger.

No rooms should just have one color. First decide on your main theme and colors scheme, then add elements of contrast or complementary colors to create a balance in the room.

Flooring  -  Tiles, Parquet or Laminate?

Do your research on the types of flooring available in Singapore and their price ranges before deciding which flooring type suits you best.

 - Flooring

The most popular wood flooring in Singapore is parquet flooring, typically made from solid wood. However, parquet flooring usually comes with a higher price tag and requires frequent maintenance such as polishing and dry mopping. Cheaper alternatives to parquet floorings would be vinyl or laminate floorings which provides you with the visual effects of a wooden flooring but are actually engineered materials that are easier to maintain.

 - Flooring Tiles

Homogenous tiles is one of the most popular flooring used in Singapore today. The whole piece of a homogenous tile is made of one material, thus crack lines are not as visible, and they are more durable compared to ceramic tiles.


Do your space planning carefully and get your measurements ready to avoid buying over-sized furnitures that will makes your living room looks small.

Request a flooring and wall paint sample from your contractor or interior designer to bring along during your furniture shopping trip to ensure that the furnitures you buy matches your color theme.
Compare Quotations -   Get the best deal for your living room renovation

Submit your requirements, & Get Multiple Quotations from different renovation contractors and interior designers to compare before settling on the best deal for your living room renovation.