272 Office Design Ideas
Browse office design portfolios from top renovation contractors and interior designers in Singapore for ideas on designing your office space.

Office interior design is very important as it not only reflect the professional image of your company, it also plays a crucial part in boosting your employee’s efficiency and reduce frustration if done right...
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Due to high rental in Singapore, space planning is especially important when renovating your office space. Here are some interior design tips for your office renovation:

Room Lighting is important for productivity

A dim working environment can make your employees feel lethargic and sleepy so make sure there should always be enough light to brighten up the whole office space at all times.

Make full use of natural light by using glass walls and open concept work stations instead of traditional high partition work cubicles. This is also great for encouraging discussion between working teams and boost creativity.

Office Breakout Spaces

Make space for a breakout area for employees to take a break, have their lunch or hold small informal meetings. Small companies might see breakout areas as an unnecessary luxury but if designed properly, an office breakout area can have a significant positive impact on the company’s performance.

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