388 Study Room Design Ideas
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A study room interior design should be kept simple, with elements that reflects your personality. A well decorated and comfortable study room can keep your interest in work going and maintain your concentration.
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A good study room design includes comfortable table and chairs, preferably located near the window, and great lightings. Here are some helpful renovation tips for your study room renovation:


When it comes to choose a color for your study room, green, warm toned blues and pastel colors are good options for creating a peaceful and relaxing mood. Avoid bright colors like red, orange and yellows as they tends to make it difficult to concentrate on your work.

However if you donít want your study room to be too conventional, you pick a side of the room and paint it in a different accent color.


Install plenty of storage to keep your study room neat and free from distractions. Bookshelves are a great storage option to keep things organized yet easily accessible. That way, you can spend time on things that need your attention.


A study room does not have to be boring and serious. Decorate the room with some potted plants and quirky accessories to add some colors and liven up your study room.

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